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The World’s Children’s Music Festival ーJapanese Childrenー Komagane Children's Orchestra & Choir."

For children affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in 2011:

El Sistema, Japan, formed to "foster the power to live through music" for children in the disaster area. This time, we will introduce the activities of "Komagane Children's Orchestra & Choir" based in Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture.

After assembling the orchestra and choir in Soma and Otsuchi in 2017, we signed a cooperation agreement with Komagane City. There is a training center for the JICA Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture. They are working on various things to become a city open to the world. At first, El Sistema Japan's activities mainly aimed to support severely damaged children both physically and mentally by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. However, it was not only the children in the Tohoku region who needed to develop their "zest for living." In particular, especially in rural areas, opportunities to experience cultural arts are limited, which is why "Komagane Children's Orchestra" started.

During the pandemic in 2020, Komagane Children's Orchestra & Choir continued its activities through online instruction. Since instructors living outside the area could not meet in person, children practiced solfege with others. When the children could practice face-to-face, they enjoyed playing with their friends while taking sufficient measures against infection. To date, approximately 250 children have come into contact with music through the activities of the Komagane Children's Orchestra & Choir, playing music with their friends, and continuing to mature together.

⭐︎The World’s Children’s Music Festival 2021 in TokyoーOvercome difficulties by playing and singing with friendsー⭐︎

Tickets are on sale.

・World Children's Music Festival 2021 in Tokyo・ Date: March 29, 2021, 18:00-20:00 Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall Online tIcket: we have 2 types of online tickets! (1)live streaming ・viewing period: March 29, 2021, 18:00-20:00 (2 )archived streaming ・viewing period: March 29, 2021(after the concert) - April 1, 23:59 ・subscription period: until 21:00, April1, 2021For details, please check the following HP!


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